Title page

Marco Paul's Voyages and Travels : Erie Canal

by Jacob Abbott

(New York : Harper & Brothers, 1852)


THE design of the series of volumes, entitled MARCO PAUL'S ADVENTURES IN THE PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE, is not merely to entertain the reader with a narrative of juvenile adventures, but also to communicate, in connection with them, as extensive and varied information as possible, in respect to the geography, the scenery, the customs and the institutions of this country, as they present themselves to the observation of the little traveler, who makes his excursions under the guidance of an intelligent and well-informed companion, qualified to assist him in the acquisition of knowledge and in the formation of character. The author has endeavored to enliven his narrative, and to infuse into it elements of a salutary moral influence, by means of personal incidents befalling the actors in the story. These incidents are, of course, imaginary, but the reader may rely upon the strict and exact truth and fidelity of all the descriptions of places, institutions and scenes, which are brought before his mind in the progress of the narrative. Thus, though the author hopes that the readers who may honor these volumes with their perusal, will be amused and interested by them, his design throughout will be to instruct rather than to entertain.



I.-- Planning
II.-- The Packet
III.-- Getting on Board
IV.-- Night
V.-- Canajoharie
VI.-- Honesty
VII.-- The Pass of the Mohawk
VIII.-- Perplexity
IX.-- A Project
X.-- The Steersman
XI.-- The Ride
XII.-- The Outlet

Principal Persons

Marco is traveling and studying under Forester's care.

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